Meeting My BFF Friend


Emma was walking and got home when she got home her mum asked why she had come back home early Emma had said that it had been cancelled because Ava was sick the mum got surprised so the mum made her favorite food for dinner. She was very happy when her mum made her favorite food after having dinner


Emma went to her room for a small rest then her phone was ringing. She answered it and it was her friend who was calling her. Emma asked what had happened and Ava said that they can still celebrate her birthday when she is better so Emma said okay what time and Ava said at 9:30 sharp. Emma hang up on Ava and she was happy that the birthday party was coming up


After 1 week on Monday Emma was getting ready for Ava’s birthday party she went shopping for some more balloons and snacks. Emma went back home to get the her stuff ready to surprise her BFF Ava when Emma was walking to Ava house her hands were getting tired from holding the balloons and snacks she dropped the snacks on the ground but Emma was exhausted she was 1 hour late so she picked up the snacks 


When Emma was picking up the snacks the balloons were blowing away she was chasing the balloons and it was getting more fast she was running until she saw a cliff and the balloons were about to go down the cliff she ran after it and caught her friend Ava called where she was Emma said that she was just getting ready to come so they both hanged up when Emma was about to go the sky was changing colors it was purple and pink with blue spots coming up and small stars were popping up the sky she got the balloons and put her hands together and wished Ava a very happy birthday and wish her all the best for the future Emma looked at her watch and was late for the birthday party when she got there her friend was already waiting for her Ava mum got the cake ready to say a happy birthday 


Ava’s family was there and Emma wished Ava a happy birthday. She blew the candles and made a wish Emma was very happy for her. They were having fun and dancing until the birthday party was finished and Emma went back home. The End 


The Beginning 

2 months ago Ava called Emma that she was moving house and schools

Emma was very sad that she was moving house but staying in the same house. Before Ava moved schools they had a hang out going to the mall having lunch playing games with each other 


After hanging out with each other Emma went to Ava house for a sleepover they watched a movie and had snacks together. In the morning Emma Helped Ava pack her stuff and said her goodbye to Ava and will always be best friends Emma was sad that Ava was moving to the house. When Emma got home she lay on her bed think about her friend moving


She got all the photos that her and Ava have taken past the years that they have been together and went to shopping to buy paints and a book after going shopping she went to her house sat on her table and made a best friend forever book she adding the photos paint it their favourite colour and add glitter from her house 


She put the book inside a box to remember her forever after making the best friend forever book her mum came from work and saw Emma crying Emma mum knew what happened because Ava mum told her so she hugged Emma and said it okay after having a cry Emma went to her room and did her homework. Emma woke up and got ready for school when she went there 


Her other friends said where Ava was Emma said that she was Moving schools and houses. Her friends were shocked that Ava had moved house and school. The bell rang for leaning time Emma was not focus the teacher asked what had happened but Emma didn’t respond so the teacher took her to the office lady the lady asked what’s wrong but she didn’t respond so the office lady called Emma mum to pick her up 4 minutes later Emma mum arrived to the school to pick her up. Emma hopped in the car and cries all the way home


The mum told her to go to the room for a rest so she went to her room and cried on her pillow. She fell asleep that night. The mum came in the room and woke Emma to come dinner but she said no so the mum said okay and gave her a goodnight kiss on the head. It was morning and Emma was still asleep so the mum tried to wake her up to get ready for school but Emma wasn’t feeling well about it


So her mum said that she could stay home for one week and get over her friend but Emma got angry so she yelled at her mum and said no the mum got upset and went out the room the mum was sad about saying what she told Emma. After the mum was upset Emma packed her stuff and some snacks. She climb out of the window


And ran away trying to find Ava. Emma tried to find a place to sleep but she couldn’t find a place so she went to find a small tree to sleep under. When she found a tree she laid down her blanket and pillow and had a big rest for another big day. In the morning Emma had a snack from her bag and ate before she went. She packed her things in her bag and left. She knocked on every door at each house she found 


 Emma’s mum went in the car and went to find Emma. She asked everyone around the street but nobody saw her so she went to the street where there were lots of trees. When Emma mum got there she saw something under a small tree. It was a photo of Emma and Ava. She picked it up and ran in the car driving looking for Emma. The mum went to the houses that Emma has knocked on so her mum knocked on the door and asked if they have seen her before and they said yes she asked which way she went to near a shop so the mum said thank you and went to the shop that is close she found Emma buying a drink. Emma looked and saw her mum standing right in front of the door Emma mum ran to her and hugged her and said sorry so Emma except her mum 


Apology so they went in the car and drove to home when they got there Emma and her mum went inside and had a rest. Meanwhile Ava was writing a letter to Emma saying i miss you and they will meet one day and send the letter. Emma was excited that she would come so the mum said if we should get some takeaway so Emma agreed her mum got her phone and ordered it. The food was very good but Emma didn’t know that Ava was visiting her. Ava is 2 hour away 


Emma and her mum was finish eating when Emma was cleaning up the table she heard a knock on the door Emma mum said if she could open it so she went to the door and Ava took a breath in and out and Emma opened the door and saw Ava standing right there Emma was happy that Ava was the to visit her they hugged. After having a cuddle Emma took  Ava to her room


And showed the book that she made for her Ava was cheerful that she made a book they open each page and looked at the photos their mums called them down for a movie night so they went out of the room and went in the setting room Emma went to get some blankets so they can cuddle with it Ava and Emma went to the kitchen to get popcorn and drinks and went to go watch the movie


Ava and Emma slowly fell asleep and Emma mum took Ava and Emma to the room to sleep. In the morning Ava woke up and got her stuff ready and Ava  mum was helping Emma mum cook breakfast and then Emma woke up and both of them went to eat breakfast after eating breakfast they had a little hang out before Ava went Ava mum called her to get ready to go so Ava said okay she got her stuff and put it in the car Ava and her mum said their last goodbye to Emma and her mum they all said goodbye with a joyful smile on their face.

Mission Day

On September the 23rd was Mission Day. In the morning some of the room 8 students went under the canopy and sold some raffle tickets for 20c each. There was a  junior prize and a senior prize. When the bell rang in the morning we all went to our classrooms and got ready for assembly. All the classes went under the canopy to get ready for our morning Liturgy. 

After that the students went back to their  classes and got ready for their test. This test helps us to fund raise money for the Holy Angels Orphanage in India by getting sponsored by our parents and family members. Our class Rm 7 did a Te Reo Maori Athon. When we were all finished with the test the bell had rung for morning tea. Some of the Room 8  students went back to the canopy and sold some more raffle tickets for those students who wanted to buy some more.

When we brought some raffle tickets we went to the court and played kicks with the ball. After that we all went inside after the bell had rung and sat on the floor on the mat. Our teacher put on a movie called Spirited Away while he was marking our Te Reo-Athon test.. After he marked our tests he had given it to us to have a look. Some of us got 100% and 60%. The bell had rung for lunch. We ate our lunch and half of our class went to the canopy to buy more raffle tickets before the teachers called out the names.

Then me and some of the children  were playing soccer all lunch time. After our lunch time we all packed up the classroom and got our raffle tickets ready for the prize. All the classes went under the canopy and sat down ready for the winners. Mrs Bullot had two boxes for the juniors and one for the seniors. 

Story about Meeting old Friends!!!😄

One day in a blissful afternoon, Goku and Chi Chi went to a park near their house and had brought lunch from a food court. Goku was having the time of his life. He was eating all the chicken covered in barbecue sauce as well as eating the pork ribs. Chi Chi was having a hard time eating her fruit because Goku was making a huge mess and costing them a lot of money, but Chi Chi didn’t mind. She was just happy to see Goku having fun. 

After having a nice lunch at the food court, Goku and Chi Chi went back to their house to have a delightful rest because they were going to visit their old friends at the Kame house. When Goku and Chi Chi had finished their sleep they had gotten ready to go to the kame house to visit.. It took them 4 hours to get there. When they got there they met Yumcha, Master Roshi, Bulma and Launch. After they met up with each other, Launch and Bulma decided to take everyone out to dinner. They had pork chop soup, rice and beef and ramen noodles.

 Everyone there was having a good time and really enjoying the great food, Master Roshi offered to pay for all the food. Goku didn’t feel so great because he had eaten too much food  and he also remembered that he ate at the food court for lunch as well. Goku had to go to the bathroom while everyone was about to leave, Chi Chi realised that a person was  missing from their group, it was Goku. Chi Chi was worried until Goku showed up, Chi Chi was relieved and happy she was ready to go home and have 11 hours of beauty sleep.

Goku and Chi Chi  were really exhausted from today, they both said their goodbyes to everyone but Bulma said to them  “this is not goodbye it’s see you later” she said. Goku and Chi Chi were happy so they left and drove home.

Stacey Fluhler

This is an athlete that I have chosen who has competed in commonwealth games.  Stacey Fluhler is my favorite Rugby women’s  7 player because she is fast and brave  on the field and also achieves her goals. Next time I will try my best to add more information about her.


In the Morning on Friday the 5 Room 7 went to school in mufti for a trip to Cornwall Park.A guy named Chris showed us some traps after showing us traps we had morning tea. After having morning tea we started packing our bags.


Then we all went down the gate to the bus. It took us 20 mins to get to Cornwall Park. When we got there we saw some big trees with birds in it. We all lined up for a class photo then we followed Chris to a map that looked like a bird. 


We all went to set up our mat and put our bags on top. Chris split us into two groups we all went on separate ways Chris showed us where he put the traps we saw tracking tunnels wax traps and Tim traps. When we were


Walking pass the sheep we saw spider webs we all went back to swap groups we met list charlie they lead us to this small forest and saw mushrooms Lisa and charlies told us that there was a Weta Hotel we opened it and saw a spider on the door we saw some rats traps after the forest we went to see some trees. We went back and had lunch. 


After having lunch we had games and we packed our bags and got ready to go back to school. When we went back to school we made tunnel traps and put them near the rubbish or the garden and got some tracking cards to put in the tracking tunnels then Chris told us how to use some tracking tunnels then Chris left for the next school.


Swim Magic

On the 27th of June Saint Patrick’s School started going to swim magic. At 12:10 we would start eating lunch then after eating lunch year 7 girls would go to room 8 then we get changed into our swimming togs. After getting changed we wait for the bus to arrive. The Room 1 and 2 students would go first and the Room 6, 7 and 8 boys would go second and us girls would go third.

we started our first swimming lessons. Then at the end of the session us girls would start heading out, when the girls got back we would see some of the boys playing a game with Mr.Bell. Then we would get changed into our school uniforms just in time to go home.


5 things to do in London

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